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Interested in how biology relates to engineering? You've come to the right place! The BioEngineering Student Association (BESt) is a group of students passionate in bioengieering. Our primary goals are to educate the student body about the various types of bioengineering, job opportunities available, and advancements in the field. Through hosting workshops and showcasing possible career paths via talks led by experts in the field, we aim to foster interest in bioengineering, expose students to industry and research leaders and facilitate their communication and interaction.

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Introduces you to graduate students in bioengineering. As a mentee, you will have opportunities to ask questions about specific areas of research and gain advice for career development.

Bioengineering Competition

You will be given a real-life problem that you can solve using your engineering design skills. You will be competing against other teams in groups.

Professor Talk

Gives you a chance to learn more about cutting-edge research. Aimed to stimulate interest in bioengineering, the talks are suitable for all years and all disciplines to learn about biological applications in engineering. You will also get to network with the professors at these events. We plan to cover a wide range of research areas so come to the ones you are interested in!

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