f BESt - BioEngineering Student Association
~ Our team ~

Shauna Mauceri MECH 2T1

Many students, especially at the undergraduate level do not know a lot about the field of bioengineering, especially the less well-known divisions of it such as “food engineering” or “water treatment”. My goal is to teach undergraduates about the bridge between biology and engineering, and to spark interest in the field. This will hopefully encourage more students to get involved in this field.

Our exec team consists of students from various disciplines. Each of us has our own unique reasons for our fascination with Bioengineering, as well as areas that each of us is particularly interested in. We look forward to an exciting year with Bioengineering and YOU!

Tianyi Lyu MSE 2T0
VP Media

In my strive for continuous improvement I have eagerly sought for opportunities to showcase my skills and to pass along my knowledge and experience. This is what drove me to this club. Initially a contestant in their/our annual competition in 2017, which I came first place in. I later became VP Marketing and currently I am VP Media. What kept me in this club is that we managed to form actual bonds, resembling that of a community. I enjoy the freedom to experiment with new ideas and the friendly throughout our events.

Emily Pelosi CHEM2T1
VP Finance

I have always been interested in biology and exploring the different units of life. This is why in addition to a BASc in chemical engineering I am also pursuing a minor in bioengineering. I feel like bioengineering is a way for me to apply my engineering knowledge in a way that I can better society.

Sofija Sekulovic CHEM 2T1
VP Webmaster

I think bioengineering is really interesting because it is somewhat related to all the engineering disciplines. I am especially interested in the design of medical devices and biomaterials.

Michaela Bhoorasingh CHEM 2T1
VP Marketing

I have always been interested in the application of biology in engineering. However, I knew very little about the various applications and was not sure which streams I was interested in. I choose the bioengineering minor and completed a bioengineering research internship this past summer, which sparked my interest in biomaterials engineering and tissue engineering.

Chris Lee EngSci 1T9 (Biomed)
VP Marketing and Advertising

I am interested in pursuing a career in medicine and being in biomedical engineering allows me to integrate biology and the more mechanical, hands-on aspect of engineering together. Doing research in biomedical engineering over the summer was a fun experience and helped to solidify my career choice.

Humayra Quaid MSE 2T1
VP Business Development

As I have been exposed to the application of engineering to biology, the more interested I become in other fields of bioengineering such as genetic engineering and biomaterials engineering. I wish to work with my fellow executive team members to ensure that any student with an interest in bioengineering is able to find BESt’s events helpful in guiding them in their career or simply just providing them with more information about the field. I hope we will foster a strong sense of community amongst the UofT bioengineers!

Cathy Wang CHEM 2T1
VP Marketing

I don’t even know why I love Bio. I just always feel excited when I am learning or working in Bio. I love human biology, especially for cell and molecular biology starting from highschool. After came to U of T, I found how amazing it can be to add engineering ideas in biology. It allows us to turn those biologists’ new research into our life.

Courtney Norman MECH 2T0
VP Marketing

I’ve always been interested in applying engineering concepts to biology but as it is a very broad field and there is so much to learn. Through a bioengineering summer research position and a PEY position at a medical device company, I have learned so much more about the applications of engineering in the biomedical field and I look forward to continually expanding my knowledge.

BioEngineering Student Association 2017