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Linda Low MSE 1T9

My fascination with bioengineering began with prosthetics, but I've since developed interests in areas like biomaterials, bio-inspired designs and medical imaging. Learning about the world-class research here in Toronto has been inspirational. I hope that BESt will provide opportunities for you to do the same!

Our exec team consists of students from various disciplines. Each of us has our own unique reasons for our fascination with Bioengineering, as well as areas that each of us is particularly interested in. We look forward to an exciting year with Bioengineering and YOU!

Betty Liu EngSci 1T9 (Biomed)
Events Director

My passion for bioengineering is driven by their impactful real-world applications. From biofuels that could potentially resolve the global energy crisis, to cutting-edge biomedical research that tackles pressing medical challenges, the field of bioengineering bears great potential to revolutionize many industries. At BESt, we wish to share this passion with you!

Ziad Ashqar CHEM 2T0
Events Director

Rebecca Hsiung CHEM 1T9
VP Marketing and Advertising

My interest in bioengineering stemmed from a first year project relating to medical imaging. Since then, I have developed a passion for sustainable energy and the newly emerging biofuel industry. I am excited to expand my knowledge about bioengineering applications through BESt with you all!

Hanna Zhang EngSci 2T0
VP Communications

Chris Lee EngSci 1T9 (Biomed)
VP Marketing and Advertising

I am interested in pursuing a career in medicine and being in biomedical engineering allows me to integrate biology and the more mechanical, hands-on aspect of engineering together. Doing research in biomedical engineering over the summer was a fun experience and helped to solidify my career choice.

Marios Sklavounos Mech 2T0
VP Finance and Sponsorship

Shanine Despacio ECE 2T0
VP Technology

I'm super into bioengineering, and specifically software applications used to solve bioengineering problems.

Sai Harshita Tupili ECE 2T0
Webmaster and Graphics

I think bioengineering is really interesting because it is somewhat related to all the engineering disciplines. I am especially interested in the design of medical devices and biocomputation.

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