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~ COVID-19 Online Design Competition ~

About the Competition

Looking to use your creativity and engineering design skills to help with this pandemic? Consider using your design skills by forming a team and entering BESt's fully online design competition. All teams will have 2 weeks (June 1 - June 14) to develop and submit their design for evaluation to a panel of professor and graduate students. The winner may have the possibility to implement their design to help society! Message our Facebook Page or e-mail us at best.skule@gmail.com if you have questions.
Thank you to all students who have signed up, registration is now complete!

Winning Prize of 250$

Runner-up prizes are also available.


Thank you to all students that have signed up for the competition, REGISTRATION IS NOW FULL. If your team has registered through BOTH the eventbrite link and the google registration form, all fees will be refunded through submission of a design. Only one registration needs to be completed per team.


i) Must be an undergraduate student or a recent graduate (student in 2020) from a Canadian university or college
ii) Teams must not exceed a maximum of four people

Design Topic 1: Personal Protective Equipment

This design topic will focus on the development of better personal protective equipment (PPE) than the status quo.

This includes PPE that is more economically feasible, better protective ability, better manufactured etc.

Design Topic 2: Prevention of Germ Transmission

This design topic will focus on EITHER

a) Reducing germ transmision within public transit

b) Reducing germ transmission within stores

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